How to call internationally over the internet for free or cheap!

If you have a family member living overseas or find that you need to call internationally very frequently, it is well worth looking into a number of IP telephony solutions such as Skype .

The offers differ and service levels differ, but the quality has come a long way since the early days of IP telephony. Sometimes you will still get an echo or a dropped connection, but the quality is improving every day - sometimes the connection you get is better than that of a landline! gives you unlimited calling to 22 countries for a low monthly fee.

All of the IP telephony solutions involve installing some software that converts your conversation to 'packets' which are sent over the internet and put together on the other side.

Your family overseas can call you for free!

SkypeIn is a method whereby they can call you for as little as $0.02 per minute - depending upon the country. The best part is that they do not even need a computer to do it! You sign up with Skype and buy SkypeIn credits; they give you a local phone number that your friends and family back home can call for free.

Say you have family in the UK and you live in the USA or anywhere else in the world- well, they can call you for free with a "SkypeIn" number! Click here to get your unique SkypeIn number.


This is the best thing since sliced bread. Skype Out enables you to call people from your PC in countries overseas for very little money (usually about 2 cents per minute or so...) The quality of the call is excellent and improving all the time! If the party you are callling has a computer connected to the internet, you can chat with them for free!

Calling internationally from your computer

This is by far the cheapest way to call overseas, but the quality can vary drastically from one provider to another and depending upon the country. It can cost as little as 2 cents per minute!

Calling international from PC

If the person you are calling overseas has a computer that is connected to the internet, you can both talk for free!

The easiest way to do it is to install "Skype" on your computer. You can buy as little as €10.00 worth of credit and call anywhere in the world for as low as 2 cents per minute!

Buy Skype Credit now to make cheap calls internationally.

You can also get Skype for your business calls. Skype for Business


What is a Skype phone? A "SkypeTM phone is a telephone handset that will plug into your PC via a USB port and enable you to make free or cheap calls over the Internet!

Skype Phone
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