How to call internationally from a stationary telephone (landline)

This is done differently from each country, as each country has its own IDD (International Direct Dial) code. This is the number you must dial to get a line outside of your country. For the USA, this number is 011.

For the UK, Continental Europe, and most of the world, the IDD code is 00. For some countries, you need to pause after dialing the first zero and wait for another dial tone. This is indicated in writing by either 0~0 or 0**0. To see a list of IDD codes, click here.

If you are in the USA and are dialing numbers in Canada or the Caribbean, you do not need to dial a country code as many of these countries belong to the "North American Numbering Plan (NANP). They all share the same country code of +1; so when you call from say the USA or Canada to Bermude, you simply dial 1, the area code and then the local number.

Calling internationall from a cordless landline (not mobile)


The best way to dial internationally from a cordless telephone is to turn the phone on and press the "call" or green button first. This will slow down the dialing enough so that the international switch can make the connection.

Calling internationally from a cordless landline

This is not necessary for all countries, and you may only need to do this if standard dialing is not giving you the desired results.

Calling internationally from a landline

International numbers are often written with a + sign in front of them, as shown below:

+44 (0) 20 7323 800

This is the number for the British Museum in London, which we will use for our demonstration.

Calling from a landline | Click on the phone to see the video demoClick on the telephone above to see a video demonstration of calling from a landline.

Find the country code for the country you would like to call, find your IDD (International Direct Dial) code, and that is all you need.

Still not sure? Watch the video!


Why can't I call from my cordless phone?

Cordless telephones often store a number when you dial it, and then they rapidly dial the number without any pauses when you press the "call" button (usually a green button). Sometimes this is too fast for international switches - depending upon the country.

Instead, press the "call" button (green button) before you dial and wait for the dial tone, then dial the international number!

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How to Call Internationally from a Stationary Telephone (landline)Video