How to call internationally from a mobile (cellular) telephone

You must find the plus (+) key. In order to dial internationally from a mobile telephone, you must be able to dial a plus. All phones can do this, but it is in a different place on different models of telephone.

For a Nokia telephone, you must press the asterisk key twice quickly, and then the plus sign will appear. Then you simply dial the country code, followed by the number.

If you are using a Motorola handset, the plus will appear if you simply hold down the zero. Siemens telephones have the best international features, as they already come preloaded with the international dialing codes for all of the countries in the world!

How to call internationally from a Nokia mobile (cellular) telephone

To make an international call from a mobile (cellular) telephone you must dial the "+" sign before the country code. This works differently depending upon the model of phone you have but is fairly simple to do - try both ways and see which one works!

.how to call international from a cellphone (mobile)

Find the "+" key on your phone. On most phones it is with the asterisk.
For a Nokia telephone, you will press this key twice quickly and the plus sign should appear.

For Motorola and other phones, you must hold the zero key and it will change to a plus.

Calling internationally from a Motorola mobile phone

call international from a motorola

Calling international from a Motorola
The plus key (+) on a Motorola is used by holding down the "0" until the plus sign appears.

Other phones will work by using one of the two methods shown here.



Why can't I call the people in my phone book when I'm abroad ?

If you travel frequently, you should program your mobile telephone's contact directory with the international dialing code for all numbers you dial! You must even put the country code in front of your mom's phone number, or when you are overseas, you will not be able to call from your phone book.

How to dial internationalIf you update your phone directory so that all of the numbers you may need to dial while abroad look like the green checked number above (without the spaces), then you will be able to call that number from anywhere in the world.

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